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1C Bitrix Licenses Site Management - Standard Edition

1C Bitrix Licenses Site Management - Standard Edition

Popular product license that includes all the tools you need to manage your interactive web project. Allows you to create an unlimited number of sites. Does not contain an online store module. Integrates with CRM. Includes 21 modules.

The cost of the license is 15 900. The test period is 30 days.

Update of the license is avaliable with a discount. If you need to update the 1C Bitrix license Site Management - Standard edition - contact support service


Key features of the license

Fast start
An installation wizard, simple management, basic CMS functionality and ready-made solutions for any area of ​​business will allow you to create a modern responsive website in a short time.
Easy content management
Convenient website builder and in-place editing will help you quickly publish any information - news, product catalogs, photos, videos, projects, etc. No need to understand the product code and go to the administrative part.

Landing pages within the site
Surprise visitors with bright, memorable pages about a service, product, news, event. Beautiful design, ready-made blocks, feedback forms for interaction with customers - everything is thought out to the smallest detail.
Add titles, labels and page descriptions in a user-friendly interface. Your sites and landing pages will be perfectly indexed by search engines.

Online chat (CRM)
Place a modern widget on your website and the client will be able to write to you in a chat, order a call back or fill out a form. All messages and requests immediately go to CRM.
Telephony (CRM)
Use telephone capabilities to distribute calls between managers and assess the quality of service. Call customers with no additional headset, setup or service costs.

Subscription and newsletters
You do not need third-party mailing services, everything is ready in the product so that your subscribers receive beautiful and useful emails, and managers can easily create and send issues.
Single contact center(CRM)
All messages from connected social networks, instant messengers, online chat on the site, as well as customer calls will be sent to a single chat and distributed among managers. Customer contacts and all correspondence are saved in CRM.

Forums and Blogs
Create an unlimited number of forums and blogs to increase visitor engagement and build a consistent audience for your site.
Website acceleration tools
Patented technology for fast page loading, support for "cloud" storage and integration with the CDN network will provide your site with high speed.

Load monitoring
The monitoring system will show you the status of all server components, peak loads and the reasons for the deterioration in the performance of your project.
Data storage in the "clouds"
You don't have to worry about your data - the product has a built-in service that provides automatic backup of files to the cloud on a schedule.

Proactive defense
The level of administration of servers and hosting is often quite low. Built-in multi-layered protection will reduce dependence on common web developer mistakes and ensure your project is protected from the most known attacks.
In the catalog you will find hundreds of free solutions to expand the possibilities of your project.

Support & Updates
We regularly release platform updates to ensure that your site meets all modern requirements. Our technicians are always ready to help.
Unlimited sites
You can create as many sites as you want with a single database based on one copy of the product.

The cost of the license of the edition "Standard" 15 900 rubles.

Need to update your license? We offer a license renewal service at a discount. Check with the technical support specialists for the exact cost of renewing the license. Send an application for license renewal from your personal account in the ticket system. Indicate which edition of the license you want to renew and our specialists will offer you the most favorable cost of renewing the license.

In the "Standard" edition you can use 21 modules

  • Structure
    and Content

    Main module

    Site structure management


    Information blocks



    Forums and Blogs

    Photo Gallery 2.0

  • Website

    Website builder

  • Marketing
    & Communication

    SEO optimization

    Social services

    Integration with Bitrix24

    Web Forms


    Subscriptions and mailings

  • Performance

    Website acceleration (CDN)


    Composite site technology

    Performance Monitor

    Visual scaling

  • Security
    and mobility

    DDoS protection


    Cloud storage

    Automatic backup to the cloud

    Mobile platform

    Proactive defense

VDS for 1C Bitrix

Attention! This is important! If you need VDS for 1C Bitrix, use the recommended server for this CMS. Using VDS for Bitrix guarantees stable and productive work with the CMS. On our website you can choose a suitable configuration for VDS for Bitrix

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you. Technical support engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us by email , tel. +7 (495) 640-79 -39 or +7 (495) 641 64 01 . Also, you can contact our specialists through the ticket system in personal account .



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