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The technical foundation for the provision of all Planetahost services is its own data center. On the basis of the data center, services are provided vds , server rent and colocation .

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Depending on the needs of customers, we offer various options for placing equipment in the data center - from one unit in a rack to dozens of racks or cabinets, there is also the possibility of placing ATX servers and other non-rack-mount equipment. We are ready to place more equipment in a short time.

Data-center location

Data center PlanetHost is located in the Central Administrative District of Moscow, 3 minutes from the Third Transport Ring at the address: Perevedenovskiy pereulok, 13, building 4. You can see the directions to the data center here .

We work and accept equipment for placement - around the clock, seven days a week, 24/7.

Data center equipment

Data center Planetahost consists of two non-volatile modules, which guarantees uninterrupted operation of equipment under any circumstances. Even if one module fails, we will be able to quickly move the equipment to another.

First data-center modul


Second data-center modul


Channels of connection

Particular attention was paid to communication channels and channel-forming equipment. Used equipment from such manufacturers as: Cisco. Juniper, IBM, HP, Super Micro. In solving this problem, we overcame many bureaucratic procedures and, as a result, built our own underground telephone sewer. Kilometers of multi-fiber optical cable were laid in asbestos-cement pipes (collectors). We have built our own ring, which guarantees stable operation of the Internet.


The total bandwidth of communication channels (Internet) is 40G / bit, with readiness to expand as needed.

We receive Russian traffic directly from the participants of MMTS-9, therefore access to the main resources goes through 1-3 routers, which means that the response time is reduced and the speed of working with Internet resources increases.

Data center power supply

We have concluded a direct agreement with MOESK on the implementation of technological connection to power grids and laid our own cable. Power supply to the Data Center is provided by a 0.4 kV cable line from a transformer substation of the II category of reliability. The laying was carried out with the AP vBbShp 4x240 cable along two independent trenches (two beams: A, B). The power cable was laid in an asbestos-cement pipe at a depth of 700 mm; the trenches were backfilled with sand without any admixture of clay and stones. The length of the cable line is 4x25 meters. The cable line from the Data Center side was installed in the 0.4 kV switchgear distribution box. The input distribution board (VRShch) is equipped with an automatic reserve input (ATS), this device is responsible for timely switching in case of emergency shutdown of one of the independent inputs (rays).

The power supply of the Data Center is provided by two inputs from transformer substations (the second category of reliability according to the PUE). The transformer substation is located 25 meters from the data center, which practically eliminates the risk of accidental damage to cables.

Power Supply Module 1:

Input distribution device (ASU), designed and constructed by AMK-Electro, is highly reliable and has a number of advantages.

VRU is completed with the equipment of ABB concern (Germany). The ASU is equipped with ABB ATS021 Automatic control unit for switching power supplies (ATS) allowing the installation to operate in automatic mode.

The stability of the power supply is maintained by the UPS manufactured by the Vibos company (RF) model В-UPS-E1 with a capacity of 160 kW.

"Vibos" equipment has all the necessary quality certificates. The production is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. Much attention is paid to environmental policy, certification of the environmental safety of production for compliance with GOST R ISO 14001 - 2007 was carried out. 100% of the produced volume. This UPS operates on N + X parallel and redundant technology with easy installation of redundant modules. UPS "Vibos" V-UPS-E1 is designed in such a way to work stably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Power Supply Module 2:

The power supply of the second module is carried out through the ASP, which is also designed by AMK-Electro for 260 kW with 2 inputs and a power reserve.

The stability of power supply is maintained with the help of the "Vibos" B-UPS-E-B66200 UPS. With an expandable power of up to 400 kVA / 400 kW in each cabinet and utilizing full DSP control technology, the Vibos UPS series is a generation of three-phase modular UPS. All indoor modules (power module, charging module and control module) are modular and hot-swappable to ensure system reliability. Fully insulated design between fragile components and the airway provides the best combination of reliability, functionality and flexibility. In addition, the system uses advanced N + X parallel and redundant technology to avoid system failures due to single element failure and further improve reliability.

Cooling system

 Cooling Module 1:

Cold supply of an air-cooled containment area is carried out using a precision air conditioning system with a cold air flow under the raised floor. To solve this problem, we have chosen precision air conditioners of the Stulz brand.


The model of this air conditioner ASD541A allows you to maintain the temperature mode of operation as accurately as possible. Precision air conditioners, Stulz brands - are manufactured in accordance with the strictest European quality standards (DIN ISO 9001 / EN 29001, CE, VDE-standards). All Stulz air conditioners and chillers undergo factory quality tests: testing of equipment and power level, full performance, electrical safety and compliance with standards, and also have all the necessary RF certificates and recommendations for use in technological rooms.

The refrigeration system is N + 1 redundant. Rack air temperature is maintained in the range of 22 to 24 degrees with humidity in the range of 49-53%.

Cooling Module 2:

Cold supply of the pressurized zone of the second module of the data center with air cooling is carried out using the "Vibos" precision air conditioning system.
The internal cooling system is implemented using a precision cabinet-type air conditioner VIBOS VSHB 100FNE1S100 with a remote condenser and consists of 3 blocks, each of which 2 circuits. VIBOS air conditioners are guaranteed to operate smoothly at outdoor temperatures from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C and continuously maintain the indoor microclimate within the specified temperature range, as well as the humidity, volume and purity of the air flow. VIBOS air conditioners are European quality combined with a Russian safety margin, which are confirmed by international certificates.
The external circuit is implemented using remote air condensers Vibos VK 064 STD N (6 units).

Automatic complex of gas fire extinguishing

Data center modules are equipped with independent gas fire extinguishing systems with a light and sound alarm system. We use Freon 125 as a fire extinguishing agent.


Physical security

Planetahost data center is located in a 24-hour guarded territory and is equipped with modern security systems and prevention of unauthorized access both to the territory and to the server room ..

Around the perimeter and inside the data center (to control work with equipment) there are continuous surveillance cameras with the ability to record video. The object is equipped with a burglar alarm.

The data center security complex includes an access control system (ACS) and video surveillance systems. Access to the data center is escorted access with proximity card authorization. Physical access to the server and telecommunication equipment located in the technical area is carried out only when accompanied by data center personnel and only if you have an identity document with you. The entrance of the client's employees into the premises of the data center is carried out only according to the lists previously agreed with the services of the data center or with a pass ordered in advance by an authorized person of the client's company. The client's personnel have access to the equipment only in strictly defined cases.

Customer service

Highly qualified system engineers monitor the operation of key systems of the data center around the clock. 24/7 technical support is always ready to help you install, configure and further maintain your equipment.

How to find us

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+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

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