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Planetahost data center services

Planetahost data center services

PLANETAHOST provides services based on its own data center in the center of Moscow. Our data center consists of two non-volatile modules, equipped with modern equipment, security system and support system for the required temperature regime. The Planetahost data center is open around the clock. Read more about our data center here.

  • Virtual servers VDS/VPS

    We offer a range of tariffs for VDS/VPS servers equipped with SSD, NVME and SAS disk systems with KVM virtualization.
    Our VDS are based on Intel® Xeon® processors up to 3 GHz

    More about VDS/VPS
    KVM NVMe/SDD/SAS KVM Configurator
  • Dedicated server rent

    We offer dedicated physical servers located in our data center for rent.
    server configurations are based on Intel and AMD processors and dual-processor configurations.
    The list of available server configurations is updated daily. For each dedicated server - a convenient ISPmanager control panel for FREE for the entire rental period.
    Rent a server
  • Colocation in our data-center.

    Do you already have your own equipment?
    We offer the colocation service - server placement in our data center.
    The cost of placing 1 unit is 1750 rubles/month
    Our data center is located in THE Central administrative district of Moscow and operates 24/7. Internet up to 1 GB/s, organization of network infrastructure, constant monitoring of equipment.

    More about colocation
  • VDS/VPS for 1С Bitrix

    If you need VDS for placing websites on CMS 1C Bitrix
    We are happy to offer you new VDS based on high-frequency processors I9-9900KF, E-2288G with a frequency of up to 5 ghz, with NVMe disks up to 960Gb and RAM up to 16 Gb.
    VDS Sever 1C Bitrix is ​​a guarantee of stable and efficient operation of your website!

    Select VDS for Bitrix
  • SSL certificate order and renewal

    We offer certificates of different levels of protection and different prices. You have the option to choose the one. that will ensure the security of your Internet resource for the minimum price.
    SElect SSL certificate
  • Admin service

    Our specialists will ensure stable operation of your dedicated and virtual servers and solve almost any difficulties that arise during the operation of the equipment.
    Professional administration includes the service of configuring virtual and dedicated servers in accordance with the requirements of your projects and their tasks, as well as installing additional software and updates.
    Order administration
  • Server operation Panel ISPmanager

    To manage a dedicated server, we recommend using the ISPmanager control panel. Almost any task of configuring the server and related tasks(binding a domain, certificate, database management) can be solved in 1 click by any user.
    Order ISPmanager
  • Protection from attacks DDoS-GUARD.

    To protect yourself from such situations, we recommend installing the DDoS Guard module (for ISP manager users)

    More about DDOS Guard
  • Selecting and registering domains

    We offer to register domains in any domain zones: national, international, European. specialized and so on.
    Prices for the most popular domain zones can be found at the link below.

    Select a domain
  • VLAN organization

    Do you need an independent and secure network between your servers?
    VLAN allows the administrator to create a network more flexibly by dividing it into subnets, in other words, it helps to combine devices with a common set of requirements into a single group, and separate it from other groups.
    Learn more about the service

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+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

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