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VDS for 1C Bitrix

You can order a vds server already configured, especially for projects on Bitrix.

Setting up a server for CMS 1C Bitrix is ​​pretty difficult job and requires special skills in server programming and knowledge of the nuances of CMS. Our VDS for 1C Bitrix have already been configured by certified technical support specialists specifically for specific Bitrix editions.

The configuration of the server and the characteristics of the processor on the basis of which the VDS are provided are equally important. A lot of tests have shown that high-quality and efficient work from CMS 1C Bitrix can be achieved on high-frequency processors with powerful and fast NVMe drives. Our VDS for Bitrix has these characteristics.

VDS Sever 1C Bitrix is ​​a guarantee of stable and efficient work of your website

We offer powerful and reliable VDS based on high-frequency processors I9-9900KF, E-2288G with a frequency of up to 5 ghz, with NVMe drives up to 960Gb and RAM up to 16 Gb. For the effective operation of the site on 1C Bitrix, we recommend purchasing these VDS.

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VDS server for 1C Bitrix:

Root access to the server

Based on a powerful processor up to 5 GHz

Fast and efficient NVMe drives

Installing Bitrix Web Environment

Select the configuration for your VDS 1C Bitrix.

What is "1C-Bitrix: Web Environment". Why is better to use it.

"1C-Bitrix: Web Environment" - Linux is used for quick and easy installation of all software necessary for operation of 1C-Bitrix products and solutions on Linux-platforms CentOS 7. This software is configured specifically for effective work with CMS Bitrix, therefore we recommend choosing the "Preinstalled software - Web environment" option when ordering a virtual server to work with 1C Bitrix.

Server assist and administration

1C Bitrix is ​​a software that requires special skills when setting up, so we carry out the initial configuration of a virtual machine to work with CMS 1C Bitrix within the Bitrix VDS tariff plan for free. Help is provided during the first month of work.

Planetahost is a certified Business Partner of 1C Bitrix. Technical support specialists have completed a full training course at 1C Bitrix, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.

1C Bitrix Partner Certificate

1C Bitrix licenses

The license for the product 1C Bitrix Site management is not included in the cost of the virtual server. The license is purchased separately and for a period of 1 year.

You can compare licenses and buy or order renewals here

Why choose VDS server for 1C Bitrix at Planetahost:

Fast start

24/7 Support

Unlimited traffic

Uptime 99,9%

24/7 monitoring

2 moduls Data-center

If you have any questions, please contact the technical support service by phone +7 495 641-64-01 or through the billing ticket system.



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