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Protect your web site from attacks with DDoS-GUARD

How much profit will your business lose if the site is down for 1 hour? 3 hours? Day?

Your customers will go to the next door and also you can loose the reputation. This can happen with any Internet project when a DDoS attack is directed at it. This is a popular type of fraud. An terrible number of requests from attacking bots goes direct to your site and your web resource stops working for hours or even a day. You have to pay off attackers in order to restore the site. Most of all, online stores are the targets to such attacks - the profitability of which directly depends on the site’s performance

A successful DDoS attack can completely disable your web resource for a long time. But possible to avoid it by securing your site from such attacks. DDoS-GUARD - software that can help you filter out traffic and withstand any DDoS without losing the resource’s stop. The service is provided to all ISP Panel users for hosting services, virtual servers and dedicated servers.

If you already have an ISP panel license, you can activate DDoS-GUARD yourself in the panel interface. If you do not have an ISP panel license yet, you can purchase it in your billing in "ISP modules" and after you can activate DDos-GUARD.

DDos-GUARD - it is a complex service to protect your site from 99.5% of attacks.

How it works? To protect websites, DDoS-GUARD uses Reverse Proxy technology. DDOS-GUARD replaces the real ip address of the domain name with it's own. Requests are transferred to internal servers, i.e. DDoS-GUARD filtering all incoming flows, detects abnormal activity and blocks it, passing only "white" traffic.

DDos Guard, at the moment, can protect your site from attacks of any complexity and intensity. To activate the service you must have a valid ISP license.

Protect your business today - activate DDOS Guard service in the ISP panel. The price of the service is 670 rubles / month.
ATTENTION! The minimum term for ordering a service is 1 month. When ordering a service, 670 rubles will be debited from your account in your billing. If in a month you don’t want to renew the service, simply remove the domain name from the service panel and its operation will end.

Terms of service

Daily site traffic is not more than 30,000 visitors.

Protection for 1 domain and its aliases.

Content Caching

Protection up to 1.5 TB / s or 120 Mpps (million packets per second).

Dedicated IP address.

HTTPS filtering is enabled upon request.

Technical Support DDoS-GUARD 24/7.

You need to buy a license for each domain and alias. Domain subdomain protection is included in the price of a domain license, provided if they use the same IP. Those aliases that are not connected to the service will not be protected.

Ordering a service in your billing

In the billing, open the Tariffs and Services ”→“ ISPsystem Modules ”section.

Select the DDoS-GUARD module and click on the “BUY”.

Enter the ISP manager license ID. You can find it in the ISP manager panel in the menu section “Help” → “About the program”. If you do not already have an ISP license, you can buy it in the ISPsystem Licenses section.

Enter the domain name and address of the resource

Pay for it

Return to ISPmanager. From the root account, go to “Integration” → “Modules” and click on the “Install” button (if it is not there, refresh the page).

Ordering a DDoS-GUARD service for a domain in an ISP panel

The order of the DDoS-GUARD service is setting in the IPS panel. The domain to which the service is connected must be added to the WWW domains section in the ISP panel.

After that, you need to go to the DDoS-GUARD section and add the desired domain in the drop-down list there. Next, you will need to enter your details to enter the ISP manager.
The order of the DDoS-GUARD domain service is in three stages:

Verification of the domain and its IP addresses

Alias ​​Verification Step

Finishing of the order

Changing DDoS-GUARD License Data

Only IP addresses are available for change. You need to click on the "Change" button on the main page of the DDoS-GUARD module. Changing a domain takes place in three stages, as well as ordering a license for domains. First, the domain data is checked, after aliases and after the completion stage, i.e. data change.

How to delete Service

To remove the protection of the web domain in the DDoS-GUARD service, you must click on the "Delete" button, if necessary, login and password for the billing system will be requested

Enable / disable DDoS-GUARD

When you enable / disable, A-records of domain names are changed, that why, this option works only with with domain name service. Use the "Enable" and "Disable" buttons.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you. Contact our specialists through the ticket system in your billing.



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