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Сolocation in Data center

Colocation in data-center «PlanetaHost» - it very easy!

We made dicount for the colocationfor more then 5 servers. Please call us +7 (495) 641-64-01 and get special offer.

Сolocation in Data center (free installation)

Rack installation

Access with IP KVM

1 IP address

Connection 1 power supply unit up to 400 W

Colocation price

Included in tariff
More info*
1/2 UNIT
More info**




Connection of 1 power supply unit up to 400 W
1 IP-add
KVM-switch rent
Reboot, start/stop
of your server by request
Price for 1 month 700 ru/mon 1750 ru/mon 2900 ru/mon 4000 ru/mon 2150 ru/mon
Price for 1 year 700 ru/mon 20% OFF
1400 ru/mon
20% OFF
2320 ru/mon
20% OFF
3200 ru/mon
by request

*Tariff Terms
All services are included in the tariff and do not require additional payment

**Tariff 1/2 Unit is for devices that are not equipped with standard rack mounts (routers, switches, network and interface disk drives) plugged into a 220V outlet, it's consumption must not exceed 80 watts.

Device size 1/2 UNIT UNIT MiniTower MidiTower
Width, мм 200 мм 482,6 мм (19 inch); 178 мм 183 мм
Depth, мм 300 мм not bigger 800 мм 432 мм 432 мм
Height, мм 44 мм 44 мм 432 мм 490 мм

ATTANTION!We accept only clean equipment for installation!

Welcome to data center Planethost!

Channels of connection
Bandwidth 40G / bit, we receive traffic from MMTS-9 participants.

Installation in 1 day
Installation, tuning and debugging of equipment on the day it arrives at the data center.

Remote hands
Switching on / off / restarting at the request of the client by our specialists.

Network infrastructure
We will carry out work on the organization of network infrastructure and switching.

Equipment purchase
We organize the purchase from trusted and inexpensive suppliers in Moscow, install and launch the equipment.

Convenient location
The data center is conveniently located in the Central of Moscow, close to significant urban infrastructure.

Personal management
We practice an individual approach to clients and full support of the order by our specialists.

Organization of delivery
We will help with the delivery of equipment (free of charge in Moscow), or we will take it from the courier 24/7.

Grow and develop with Planetahost!


is provided without restrictions and without regard to the ratio of incoming / outgoing traffic

Port 100 Mbps, Full - duplex
100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth 600 ru/mon
Port 1 Gbit / s, Full - duplex
Dedicated bandwidth up to 1 Gbps by request

Other services

Service Price
Any other Unit 1100 ru/mon
Additonal ip-add 120 ru/mon
Connecting a second power supply More info 500 ru/mon
Additional powerMore info 550 ru/mon per 100 W
Universal fasteners for rent 200 ru/mon
Organization Vlan for 2 servers with 100Мb/sec installation 475 rub. and 750 rub/month
Organization Vlan for additional server on 100Мb/sec 100 rub/month
Organization Vlan for 2 servers with 1Gb/sec installation 475 rub. and 1300 rub/month
Organization Vlan for 1Gb/sec for additional server 400 rub/month
Support for the BGP session with the customer's equipment Installation 3000 ru, next 2000 ru/mon
DDoS protection with DDoS-GUARD
More info
3200 ru/mon

Extra capacity price

  • For servers equipped with a power supply unit with a capacity of not more than 400 W - the cost of energy consumption is already included in the tariff.

  • If the power supply has a power of more than 400 watts, payment is charged at the rate of 550 rubles / month for each additional 100 watts of power consumption.

  • For servers equipped with two power supplies (primary and backup), we offer an additional electrical outlet for the backup power supply, which is connected to an independent additional electrical beam connected to the rack in which your server is located. In this case, an electric power equivalent to the power supplied to the main power supply is allocated to the additional power supply. In case of failure of the main power supply, your server will continue to operate normally. A fixed monthly fee for an additional outlet is 500 rubles / month, regardless of capacity.

Still thinking? Then think about the compelling arguments in favor of ordering a server hosting service in a data center:

1. Saving time - You will no longer waste time on solving equipment operation issues. We take care of all your servers. You delegate the task to us and free up time that you can devote to the development of your business.

2. Saving your budget - After you place the servers in the data center, you will no longer need to spend money on paying for renting a server room and on the salary of a specialist who maintains the equipment.

3. Safety and your peace of mind - We are sure that you know that server equipment must be operated in a special room with a certain temperature regime and in compliance with fire safety standards, and it is necessary to restrict access of unauthorized persons to the servers. Currently, almost any data center is equipped with air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, access control systems, video surveillance and security. The Planetahost data-center, moreover, is also very conveniently located: We are located in the center of Moscow, on an area with a convenient entrance, parking and we are waiting for you around the clock!

More info about servers colocation

How to order and start:

  • Register in our billing. Fill all details.
  • Order the service according to the technical parameters of your server
  • Add the balance in accordance with the amount of the service you have chosen
  • After paying for the service, our manager will contact you
  • Confirm with the manager on your visit to our data center.
  • We are waiting for you in the office to draw up the necessary documents
  • Your server will be installed on the day of arrival.

You can call us +7 (495) 641-64-01 .

Data-Center Planetahost.ru

Colocation service is provided on the base of our data-center in Moscow. Data-center Planetahost it is: two separated modules, with the modern equipment and with an uninterrupted Internet channel, an access control system, security, air conditioning, as well as a convenient parking. Technical support specialists work 24/7 and will always be happy to help you solve any problem. More about data-center

Data-center Planetahost is:

Stll have questions? - CALL US (495) 641-64-01

DATA-CENTER"PlanetaHost" adress is:

bld 13, Perevedenovsky sidestreet, Central, Moscow. Metro station: Бауманская or Электрозаводская

Details about our data center.You can visit the data center by calling in advance by phone: (495) 641-64-01

Частые вопросы (FAQ)

  • How i can order server colocation

    It is very easy to order the server colocation in the Planetahost data center:
    - Register in our billing
    - Confirm the order details with our specialists via the ticket system in billing or by phone.
    - In billing, select the server colocation, select the number of Units and additional services, create a payer and pay for the order.
    Our specialist will contact you to arrange the time of your arrival at the data center.
    The equipment will be installed and launched on the same day.
    If you have any questions, please contact technical support via the ticket system or by phone

  • What time can I bring the server?

    The data center works 24/7. You can bring the server at any time.

  • How can I manage the server

    Remote server management works via IP-KVM. It is available on request for a period of 1 hour, with the possibility of extending the time of use of the service.

  • What should I do if I need some server's manipulation with a physical machine

    In order to comply with security rules, access to the data center modules is only available to the engineers of Planetahost. Upon request, they will perform a reboot, turn on, turn off the server, and perform repairs. If it is necessary to make any manipulations with the equipment to the client independently, the server is taken out of the data center to a specially equipped place for work and then returned back to the rack.

  • What is included in the server colocation service?

    The server colocation service includes: directly placing the equipment, connecting 1 power supply up to 400 W, 1 IP address, IP-KVM, rebooting, turning the server on/off on request. All other services are paid separately, the list of related services and their cost are in the section "Additional services"

Data Center Our company

+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

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