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Configurator VDS with NVMe drives.

Build your VDS KVM configuration on NVMe drives

Pay only for the resources you need on powerful VDS Power

Introducing the new flexible VDS Power KVM tariff on NVMe drives. Pay only for the resources you need, adjust the amount of CPU and RAM as you need - to change the amount of resources, you only need to restart the server
Powerful processor up to 3 ghz from 2 to 8 cores. RAM from 2 to 16 Gb. NVMe drivesfrom 20 to 2000 GB.

Why select VDS with NVMe drives?

NVMe is the logical evolution of SSDs. NVMe SSDs are faster than standard 3.5" and 2.5" drives, reading data can be up to six times faster than conventional SSDs. This is due to the fact that previous generations of SSDs connected to devices via SATA or SAS interface Serial NVMe use a more modern PCI Express bus and are able to process many more commands simultaneously than previous versions of drives. Speed ​​of disk operations on virtual servers with NVMe is 3 times faster.

You can find out the response time and the route of data passage below, by clicking on the link to Looking glass.

VDS Power KVM with NVME drives:

Root access to server

Based on CPU 3GHz

Strong NVMe drives

Ability to set resources

We provide the following services for free:

1 IP free for each VDS

Root access
control your resources

Technical support

100 Mbps traffic

Any OS
you choose

Prices for additional services:

Service Price
Additional IP adress 120 rub. for 1 ip
Windows Server Standard Edition 380 rub/month
ISPmanager 6 Lite 279 rub/month
ISPmanager 6 Pro 520 rub/month
ISPmanager 6 Host 799 rub/month
Server administration service 700 rub. for 30 min.

Order VDS server
is easy!

Select the
configuration and
click "order"

in billing and adjust the parameters

Pay and Get
server in 5 minutes
and work!

Why choose VDS server at Planetahost:

Easy start

Support service 24/7

Unlimited traffic

Uptime 99,9%

24/7 equipment monitoring

Data center 100 m from the office

If you have any questions, please contact the technical support service by phone +7 495 641-64-01 or through the ticket system in the billing.



Data Center Our company

+7(495) 641-64-01
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+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

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