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ISPmanager control panel

ISPmanager is one of the most popular VPS or dedicated server control panels in Russia and the CIS. Provides convenient tools for creating users, sites, domains, e-mail addresses, etc. The panel is integrated with site builders, antiviruses, Let’s Encrypt and other modules. You can create your own plugin using the API.

Hosting control panel ISPmanager was created taking into account a multi-level system of access rights, thanks to which the administration work for all server users is simplified. The access sharing system allows you to use ISPmanager both for private use and for the provision of professional hosting services.

What ISP manager can do

Operate websites

File manager

Operate domain

SSL sertificate



Antivirus modul

Easy server customization

The ISPmanager control panel can be used with different operating systems, supports a wide range of software, and is not rigidly bound to a specific set of programs. ISPmanager is very flexible in configuration and consumes a minimum of system resources. A new level of simplicity and convenience in hosting management.

The new edition of ISPmanager is presented in 4 versions: Lite, Pro, Host, Business.

ISPmanager 6 versions Lite, Pro, Host - web server control panel designed for end users. Usually provided with dedicated and virtual servers. Allows you to manage one physical server or virtual server.

ISPmanager Business is produced to provide virtual hosting services, which means that it is primarily aimed at the smooth operation of the entire system and advanced setting of user limits.

ISPmanager is provided at a discount when ordering together with VDS Planetahost services as part of the tariff.

When ordering a server rental service, the ISPmanager Lite panel is provided free of charge for the entire duration of the service.

Because the ISPmanager service is connected to an IP address, when purchasing ISPmanager at a discount (and when ordering our services), it is possible to use IP addresses only from the pool provided by our company. If you need to use a third-party IP, you must purchase the ISPmanager service at full price, as a separate service.

Version Lite Pro Host Business
Domains 10 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Use for Suitable for individual web developers or in-house marketing teams working on the same project Suitable for freelancers, web studios and in-house teams working on multiple projects Suitable for web studios and traffic managers supporting a large number of sites Suitable for reselling shared hosting and allocating resources for internal projects
Price for our customers rub/month 279 520 799 1300 for 1 server
Full price (if no order Planetahost services) rub/month 475 945 1400 1890 for 1 server
Order Order Order Order Order

For a more detailed comparison of the functionality of ISPmanager 6 licenses, click on the button "Detailed comparison of licenses functionality"

Useful information about ISPmanager

The ISP panel provides an automated service ordering process. When ordering a dedicated server, all steps for installing and configuring the operating system are automatic, which eliminates human errors.

Working with the ISPmanager panel is simple and convenient - an intuitive interface makes server management accessible and convenient even for beginners

Detailed information about the technical features of the ISPmanager panel can be found here for Lite, Pro, Host and for Business

You can evaluate all ISPmanager functionality for free within 14 days. get demo

Video Instructions

The ISP panel provides an automated process for ordering services. When ordering a dedicated server, all steps for installing and configuring the operating system are automatic, which eliminates human errors.

ISP manager provides a choice of OS to install. The following operating systems are available:

• CentOS 7 (recomended)

• CentOS 8 (до 31.12.2021 г.);

• CentOS Stream

• Debian 9, 10;

• Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04

OS installation takes from 10 to 30 minutes, after which the server is fully operational. The client always has convenient access to server management (the functions of turning on, turning off, restarting the server) through his personal account. It is possible to reinstall the OS or download a special recovery template, in the case when the installed system does not boot. In addition, statistics are kept on the use of traffic by the server.

How to change ISPmanager version from 5 to 6.

You can change ISPmanager version in your account in billing

Go to the "Products and Services" section and select the ISPSystem Licenses section.

Select the "Change tariff" option.

Select the version of ISPmanager you need and confirm your actions

Due to the difference in price, the license expiration date will be recalculated.

Any questions, wishes and requests to the technical support service can be generated using the built-in ticket system.

If you have any questions, we are happy to advise you by calling +7 (495) 641-64-01 , + 7 (495) 640-79-39 , email: support@planetahost.ru or via the ticket system in personal account .



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+7(495) 641-64-01
+7(495) 640-79-39

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